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5 Ways in which healthcare practice is changing

March 16, 2024
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The world is changing with all the digital boom around and every aspect of our lives is getting affected and healthcare is no exception. Changes in the healthcare industry are slow due to the complexity, but there are multiple factors that enforce a change. Consumer convenience is one such factor that eclipses any other factor. The technology shift is an obvious factor and lets us understand its impact on healthcare practice

1. Electronic health records

Electronic health records are one of the most notable features that have impacted the way healthcare professionals approach medical treatment.Having a sackload of papers may not solve the purpose as electronic records are easily accessible and help save time. But, what is the use of these records? Records are essential in providing proof of care, and convenient billing. It also makes it a simplified process for Auditors to read service details without rummaging through bulky binders.Incident reports can be evaluated and, if necessary, escalated quickly, resulting in faster resolution.
So why live in a cocoon of comfort when you can have the fruits of advancements.

2. Personalized treatment

Wellness and drive for better health have become a priority for a large majority of individuals and this has propelled the use of devices and wearable technology to increase patient engagement.A large number of healthcare applications provide disease-specific treatment plans in which the doctor can enroll their patients in thereby increasing both the patient engagement and trust.

The idea is to stay connected and make it feasible for the doctor to track health progress as well make the patient accountable for their own health. These personalized health and wellness plans can be individualized to provide care, coaching, and health recommendations tailored to their specific conditions, goals, and lifestyle.

3. Telehealth(Virtual Clinics)

Telehealth, which includes virtual healthcare, is a technology that helps healthcare providers, clinics, and patients communicate more efficiently. Clinics, clinicians, and patients can exchange information, monitor and track adherence to treatment plans, and ensure optimal engagement via electronic communication methods.The pandemic made us realize that there is no boundary required for healthcare and treatment can be provided from any corner of the world which makes it all the more important for patients to have both accessibility and opportunities to make use of telehealth services.

So it’s important for any practitioner to be accessible to patients and for that it is important to have an online presence so that patients can easily connect with you.

4. Surgical equipment

The technology driving a surgical procedure may have sounded too far fetched, but now surgeons use virtual 3D reconstructions to help them determine where incisions or bony reconstructions with plates should be made. Surgeries are planned based on these images without making a single incision.

Another example is infrared technology that tracks blood flow in breast or head/neck cancer reconstruction flaps or the very recent Implantable devices or embeddable technology that sends real-time data to monitor various diseases. From basic consultations to detailed tracking this technology is helping doctors achieve better surgery-oriented results.

5. Artificial technology & augmented reality

In many cases, combining two evolving technologies will only increase the number of medical opportunities. Instead of replacing humans with machines, these technologies offer a new way to improve how humans and machines collaborate resulting in better results, shorter response times, and improved health safety and experience.

There is no doubt in our minds that as we go off the grid either due to personal or work commitments, technology will always make sure that we have healthcare connected and make our life easier in this technology-driven world. You look after your patients, and we will look after your digital presence. Are you ready for that next step?

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