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Leverage social media to attract more patients?

March 16, 2024
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Social media has become an addictive tool in the past few years ranging from entertainment to searching for essential updates, educational content and work opportunities. The Healthcare industry is no
exception to this craze. Even in the healthcare industry, social networks are helping doctors engage patients with relevant information.

Social media and doctors can be a powerful combination and can be the “ Messiah” to the general public to guide and spread the right information but how can
social media help you connect and increase your patient reach?

Why should I as a doctor be on social media?

There are many reasons but let’s discuss a few:

  1. Increases patient reach: It is essential to understand that your target audience is social media friendly and spends a great deal of their time online. Your potential patients just need to enter your practice’s social media account and start scrolling through different posts. What makes social media such a powerful tool? One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to interact directly with people in the information arena we call “Google”.It also helps them save time by giving them all the basic details without any hassle. Keep these things in mind while creating an interactive social media account for your practice. A solution-based interactive social media account helps an individual to effortlessly reach out to you and thereby creating a wide reach.Typically a patient education post garners anything between 100–1000 views.
  2. Enhances your credibility: People are always worried about their health. There are multiple questions and concerns regarding their health or their loved ones. Doctors can become their trusted voice by guiding them on the right path by sharing useful and trusted health information. It keeps you in the picture even when there is no treatment-specific requirement.
  3. Helps Build an online community: It helps connect with more healthcare professionals and like-minded professionals. It will be beneficial to have a wider scope and understanding of different healthcare approaches used by either your patients or colleagues around the world as well as individuals who might not otherwise have access to important health information.
  4. Patient Engagement: Patients can interact with you, as well as with fellow patients who are experiencing similar problems. It is a useful platform for patients who do not feel comfortable during a face-to-face interaction and thereby doctors can build relationships with potential clients who may need help in the future. By being open and communicative online, they can establish trustworthiness before any dealings take place. Patient engagement has seen a two-fold increase if you have an interactive solution-based approach.
  5. Remember you are a Brand: It is important to search for your practice mentions on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,Google and respond to patient reviews as individuals are more than willing to share their reviews. So make sure you respond appropriately and your response will make patients feel that they are important and that their opinion matters. It doesn’t mean posting 10 times a day to Facebook, Instagram, etc, but it does mean finding a niche and seeing what you have to add to the social conversation to become a brand with your speciality.

There was a time when doctors could provide care to patients and grow their practices without social media. While this approach is now changing as social media holds so much promise for doctors who want to grow their practices

Social media is more than just social life, it’s a professional marketplace.

Therefore Health care organizations and medical facilities have taken social media’s role seriously in the relationship between patients and physicians. Remedo can help you build a brand for yourself and increase patient engagement for you across multiple social platforms.

You cannot buy engagement, you need to build engagement!!!!