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Why Should Doctors Have a Website?

April 18, 2024
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Technology has made everything easier and healthcare is not an exception.As technology transcends the health care sector seamless healthcare services are expected from healthcare practitioners
to make themselves and their services more accessible in this technology savvy competitive world.

Why should doctors have a website?

With the boom of technology in other service sectors the consumers now also analyse healthcare services before choosing the doctor for particular ailment .If you do not have a visible presence online as a healthcare provider then you are missing out on a chance to service the 70% population around you who are researching online and thereby influencing your career growth.

Website is important but remember it will only add value if it has parameters which are distinctive and enable users to reach you. When patients go through a doctor’s website certain
features are required for patients to find you effortlessly online.

1. Websites should be user-friendly

Users primarily use mobile phones to search online whereas its only a minor share of individuals who might use multiple devices and hence its important that websites can be viewed on either platforms with ease i.e can align themselves as per the screen being used so that it is a seamless browsing experience.

2. Testimonial serviced

Trust in services is built primarily either by word of mouth or factual experiences of the consumer that is primarily based on reviews and ratings. The reassurance that a consumer gets by evaluating them before using your services is not to be ignored when online presence is of priority.These testimonials should be frequently updated so that your consumers are not only satisfied but reassured for the choice they have made.

3. Treatment Driven

Since most patients search for their symptoms and are quite easily misled by inaccurate information.The possibility of having verified their illness and treatment for the same via well-structured health blogs along with detailed treatment-driven speciality care can be a game-changer for a consumer to be reassured in choosing the right practitioner.

4. Feature Friendly

Feature-driven websites are not only technically savvy but also help patients save time as all the required information is present on the website and they have to look no further ranging from online consultation features(Audio/video) and the possibility to book an appointment online because one of the main complaints of patients is long waiting time for an appointment.

5. No Online Presence is a negative Signal

You might feel that a website is an advertising tool but not having a website can in turn send a negative signal as it might question your invisibility. Your online presence showcases your achievements professionally and acts as a CV speaking about your work both to your professional colleagues and patients assuring an optimal balance. Do remember you are creating an opportunity to make healthcare serviceable and reachable irrespective of zonal boundaries and time constraints by adding yourself to the online market.

But the question arises is your website provider taking complete responsibility to ensure that each of these basic features is met without you having to ask for the same and providing you a stellar experience with proven experts from the field. We at Remedo offer powerful, effective and customized websites for each doctor. Look no further.