Zero commission on Google Ads

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Only pay your Google Ad spend
Limited time offer – Zero commission on Google Ads

You only pay what you spend on your Google Ads, no commission or hidden charges.

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A newly set up dental practice was looking for a local digital marketing agency to spread the word in their locality and drive new patients to their clinic. With limited knowledge about digital healthcare marketing, they were struggling with the following decisions:

  • Whether to go for organic SEO or to run paid advertisements
  • Whether to go for Google Ads or Social media Ads
  • Which agency should they go with

Execution and Solution

As part of our effort, we developed a digital marketing strategy such that the new startup dental practice gets the return on investment they desire at the earliest.

We consulted in-depth with the dental practice team to ensure landing pages were relevant in content, responsive for mobile and easy to convert. Further, we designed landing pages to increase consumer interaction and conducted split A/B testing on design, images, and messaging to allow significant optimization opportunities.

Further, to avoid wastage in spending, we created a robust negative keyword list to ensure that ads would appear only to the ideal patients.
We integrated Remedo’s award-winning AI Chatbot on the website and Google business profile to improve patient engagement, streamline communication and maximize lead capturing. The chatbot captured 30% more patient appointments and saved over 50% of staff time, driving down the lost calls.

Lastly, we monitored the vital performance metrics with detailed lead & appointment tracking, reporting & analytics and optimized the campaigns regularly to maximize the ROI.

Result / Outcome:

Clicks are one thing, but increasing the number of relevant patient appointments we bring to the new startup dental practice is far more important. Within three months, the results couldn’t be any more incredible:

Zero commission on Google Ads

The New Startup Dental Practice considered this a remarkable success and has since increased the budget for their digital marketing programs. The dental practice owner said,

“I’m completely blown away by this huge initial success, and I’ve seen continuous performance improvements month-on-month with Remedo.”
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Limited time offer - Zero commission on Google Ads

You only pay what you spend on your Google Ads, no commission or hidden charges.